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Regent Las Vegas Resort
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Owner of the Regent Las Vegas Resort engaged our company to provide Dispute Resolution assistance and to perform a scheduled delay analysis on a multimillion dollar resort which included a five-star hotel, spa, convention center and casino. Our company initially reviewed all the Critical Path Method (CPM) schedules submitted by the Contractor to determine the critical paths for these schedules and offer opinions regarding these paths relative to information being given by the Contractor to the Resort. Next, we performed a schedule delay analysis for the entire Project, including review of issues pertaining to insufficient labor, mismanagement and poor quality workmanship. We also assisted Counsel in preparing documentation and presentation materials used to settle claims and liens filed against the Project. The matter is currently underway.


Royal Grading Golf Course and Country Club
Jakarta, Indonesia

Engaged by the Contractor to review Project and claim documentation submitted by the Contractor regarding construction of a new 18-hole "championship style" golf course and country club. A schedule delay and acceleration entitlement analysis performed by our company yielded a total time extension due to the Contractor for Critical Path delays beyond its control. The Window Analysis* technique was used to calculate schedule delays, and a manpower and equipment analysis supplemented the estimate of the acceleration due to the Contractor. We also reviewed claims submitted by its Client to evaluate the merit of the requested entitlement and the corresponding Owner's Project Engineer's response to the claim submissions. The Client / Contractor was responsible for finish grading, drainage, cart path, grassing and maintenance period activities. Construction of the golf course was delayed by the Owner's late and partial release of site areas to the Contractor, and by late completion of work by the Owner's rough grading and irrigation contractors. The Contractor was directed to accelerate the Project in order to meet opening date requirements for the course. Our expert analyses were employed to reach a negotiable settlement.


Hotel / Condominium Complex
Jakarta, Indonesia

The Japanese General Contractor for this 36-story high-rise building retained our company to prepare an independent report on the merit of the Contractor's claim for a time extension. The Contractor claimed that its scope of work was adversely impacted by Owner changes and disrupted by the Owner's designated subcontractors and suppliers. Our final Expert Report demonstrated how the Owner's changes and nominated subcontractors (there were more than 80) delayed and disrupted the Contractor's work. As a result, the Contractor and the Owner amicably resolved their dispute.


Kauai Hyatt Regency
Hawaii, USA

The Kauai Hyatt Regency, a 605-room oceanfront luxury hotel operated by Hyatt Hotels, was damaged by Hurricane Iniki in 1992. These damages resulted from storm surge runup which flooded lower level guest rooms and mechanical spaces and also from excessive winds which removed a portion of the clay tile roofs. The Hotel was refurbished and subsequent claims for the cost incurred, including those for business interruption, were paid by the Hyatt's Insurance Company. The Insurance Company sued most of the parties involved in the design and construction of the Hotel, and our company was engaged on behalf of the Architect to investigate issues regarding the storm surge, roof design and installation, and the placement of the buildings on the site. We provided expert opinions on the effects of the siting of the Hotel and storm surge, which resulted in a successful settlement of the claim.


The Lodge at Koele and the Manele Bay Hotel
Lanai, Hawaii, USA

The Lodge at Koele is a 100-room first class lodge hotel located inland on the island of Lanai, Hawaii. The Manele Bay Hotel is a 250-room first class resort hotel located on the beach at Hulopoe, also on the island of Lanai, Hawaii. Our company was engaged by counsel to the owner to review changes and delays to both projects and investigate remedies of recovery for the owner. We preliminarily reviewed time extensions granted to both contractors, amounts paid to both Contractors for approved change orders, and culpability of the architect / consultant for changes. A detailed analysis was performed on all change orders for the Koele Project.